Announcing the 2022
Connecticut Radio Reunion
celebrating WDRC's 100th Anniversary!

Sunday, August 21, 1:00 p.m. till ?
(rain or shine)

Farrell's Restaurant
245 Marlborough Street (Rte. 66), Portland, CT

Since we announced this year's gathering of graduates of all Connecticut radio stations, there's been tremendous buzz. So much so that we would really appreciate an RSVP if you're planning to attend. You don't want them to run out of food & refreshment, do you? Let us know at the WDRC 100th Anniversary Virtual Guest Book!

(There will be no live broadcast associated with this gathering).

Special videos produced by Dave Overson will be
shown and some of the greatest WDRC personalities
that you grew up with will drop by!

Enjoy old friends, meet new ones, swap stories.
Free admission (you buy yours, I buy my own
food and drink!).

Join us on Funday, Aug.21!

A Steve Parker/Ron Pell Production.

WDRC 100th anniversary montage

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