Conn. Sunday Herald - January 18, 1959

One-Record Jockey Given Daily Show

If the wild riot outside Station WPOP on Asylum St., Hartford, this week was the result of a promotion stunt, you can bet that nobody is admitting it.

What happened is that part-time deejay Bob Scott locked himself in a studio, denied entrance to everybody including Station Mgr. Phil Zoppi, and proceeded to play "This Old Man He Played One" 15 times an hour for 12 hours.

How long Scott planned his musical filibuster will never be known.


Cops arrived on the scene after 300 Trinity College students appeared in person to demand that he at least flip the disc and play the other side.

The students jostled and pushed and made more noise than tenants in the swank Shelbourne Apartments, which houses the station, could stand.

But before the collegians broke it up and headed back to their frat houses and dormitories, Scott turned to other melodies.

Conn. Sunday Herald - January 18, 1959
MUSIC LOVERS?...Mob of more than 300 Trinity College students converges on Station
WPOP, in Shelburne Apartments on Asylum St., where deejay Bob Scott locked himself
in studio, played same tune over and over again for 12-hour period. Among those locked out
was Station Mgr. Phil Zoppi, who said "He'll come out eventually." (Plass-Kagan photo)

What about Scott?

He came out of it pretty well.

Instead of being a weekend deejay, he now has a daily two-hour record show.


"He's been completely exonerated," is the way one station official put it, and if that smells of promotion, so be it

Any pointed questions about the incident bring forth little in the way of information, but one thing is sure: whether or not it was a planned promotion, it sure did promote.

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