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Ralph Kanna at WONS


July 20, 1956 - WGTH to become WPOP

March 23, 1941
Radio's Moving Day
an undated photo of Ralph Kanna
at WONS, WPOP's predecessor
October 8, 1955
WGTH's Bob E. Lloyd
July 20, 1956
WPOP's Top 40 Origins

Hound Dog - January 5, 1958 December 7, 1958 - WPOP Color Radio ad
July 29, 1956
WPOP's Scott Kilgore ad
December 16, 1956
WPOP's Bruce Douglas
WPOP's George Hound
December 7, 1958
ad for WPOP Color Radio
WPOP record hops montage WPOP's Bob Scott August 2, 1959 - 24 hour broadcast service link to WPOP broadcast trade ads
montage of record hops
emceed by WPOP Personalities
January, 1959
Bob Scott and the Children's
Marching Song
August 2, 1959
ad for WPOP's 24 Hour
Broadcast Service
broadcast trade ads
WPOP's Augie Santana Profile of WPOP's Jack Brooks - July 1, 1960 March 25, 1961 - letter from WPOP's Ray Somers WPOP's Joey Reynolds
December, 1959
Newington transmitter building photos by former engineer Neil Fitzgerald

July 1, 1960
Jack Brooks Profile

March 25, 1961
letter from WPOP's Ray Somers
Joey Reynolds theme song
by The Four Seasons
WPOP's Joseph C. Amaturo link to article about WPOP's Jack Kelly Summer 1965 - The WPOP Good Guys
February 5, 1963
Joe Amaturo buys WPOP
July, 1964
Jack Kelly attempts roller coaster record at Riverside
Summer 1965
The WPOP Good Guys
Summer, 1965
Kilroy & the Ramsey Lewis Trio
WPOP's Lou Terri Beatdown for WPOP's Sam Holman


1966 WPOP Good Guys ad

WPOP's Ken Griffin
September, 1965
Lou Terri's Tune
June 30, 1966
the kind of publicity no
radio station wants...
July 17, 1966
ad for WPOP Good Guys
February, 1967
Ken Griffin in Teen Life magazine
St. Jude's March Pictures of the WPOP Good Guys

Good Guys at WPOP Back with New Shows: October 1, 1967

WPOP's Bill Winters
May 21, 1967
Danny Thomas drops
Big D for WPOP
Pictures of the WPOP Good Guys
October 1, 1967
Fall Season
January, 1968
Bill Winters in Profile

WPOP's Dick Heatherton

1968 Seasons Greetings from the WPOP Boss Jocks
July 12, 1968
He really is Joey Heatherton's brother!
July 26, 1968
Tracy joins the Boss Jocks
December 22, 1968
WPOP Boss Christmas Edition
WPOP's Mike Greene
catches up on fan mail

WPOP help wanted ad in Billboard Magazine - August 2, 1969
WPOP Boss Edition - Nov. 16, 1969 WPOP Bossketball team
Summer 1969
WPOP's Mark Driscoll

August 2, 1969
WPOP help wanted ad

November 16, 1969

WPOP Boss Edition
Winter 1969-1970
WPOP BOSSketball team takes
on the faculty of Pulaski
High School in New Britain
early 1970 - WPOP Boss Jocks WPOP Crumpet Caper button WPOP's Scott St. James and Hartford Mayor George Athanson WPOP's Coffeytime morning show
early 1970
WPOP Boss Jocks
Spring, 1971
the WPOP Crumpet Caper
November 3, 1971
Scott St. James and
the Morning Mayor
March 22, 1972
ad for WPOP's Coffeytime
morning show


NBC's News and Information Service
Steve Wildman Gallon

Link to WPOP Reunion photos

August 16, 1972
Merv Griffin
June 30, 1975
NBC's News &
Information Service
September 1, 2004
read more about the late
Steve "Wildman" Gallon
June 25, 2005
The WPOP Reunion
(also the 2008 Reunion)
WPOP's Augie Santana WPOP's Jack Armstrong WPOP's Lou Morton
August 10, 2006
Tribute to Augie Santana
March 23, 2008
death of Jack Armstrong
November 11, 2014
death of Lou Morton
January 28, 2015
Lee Baby Simms, R.I.P.
Late 2020
Woody writes a book
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