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WPOP's Jack Carney
August 29, 1972 - June, 1975

Brother Jack graduated form Charter Oak College in Hartford, then got his masters degree from Wesleyan University. He received a diploma from Leland Powers School of Radio, Television and Theater in Boston, Massachusetts and Radio Engineering Institute located in Sarasota, Florida. He worked at WALE Fall River, MA; WDEW Westfield, MA and WTXL Springfield, MA before coming to WPOP to host the overnight show and various weekend shifts. He went down with the ship when WPOP dropped music for news.

After leaving The Big 14 Jack worked at WRCQ Farmington, WTIC FM Hartford and WIOF Waterbury.

From 1993 till 2005 Jack worked at WDRC A/F Hartford; he now does fill-in work at WWYZ Waterbury (e-mail); see his note. (10/18/02)

audio: May 5, 1973
Joel Cash at WRKO
prior to August 21, 1962 - January, 1964

A native of New York, the University of Miami provided Jumpin' Joel Cash with his first broadcast opportunity. His first gig was at WKAT Miami Beach. Joel also logged time at WIRK in West Palm Beach and spent two years in the Army before arriving at WDRC in Hartford in 1961. Three months after leaving Big D, Mort Downey hired Cash to host WPOP's 2:00-6:00PM shift.

After leaving WPOP, Joel was named music director and afternoon personality at WDEE Hamden, CT; he later worked at WCOP, WBZ, WRKO, WMEX, all Boston, MA; and WFTL Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Joel is retired near Sunrise, FL (e-mail). (8/24/08)

Joel Cash jingle
Charlie Douglas as Doug China
prior to August 26, 1963 - January, 1964

Dopey Doug China had been in radio for ten years by the time he was hired for his brief stay at WPOP. Doug was born in Ludowici, GA and began his career in 1953 at KLIC Monroe, LA. He also worked at KOCY Oklahoma City; KTSA and KONO in San Antonio; KLIF Dallas; WKBW Buffalo and WIRE Indianapolis. At WPOP Doug was morning man and program director.

From February, 1964 until April, 1965 he was the PAMS eastern U.S. representative based in Hartford after which he worked at WINZ Miami and KPRC Houston. In 1970 he landed at 50,000-watt WWL in New Orleans where he created the Road Gang, a favorite of all-night truckers across America. The show lasted 13 years.

For another 7 years Doug hosted the all-night Charlie Douglas Road Show from WSM in Nashville, aimed at truckers and syndicated throughout America. He was inducted in the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame in 1994 and left WSM in 1995 to go into business. He retired in Nashville and later moved to Picayune, Mississippi.

Charlie passed away in Louisiana on November 24, 2011; he was 78. (11/29/11)

Doug China jingle
before February 8 - April, 1964

A man named Bob Christian was an announcer at WHYE in Roanoke, VA, where Jim Gearhart also worked, in 1961. Both ended up in Hartford. Newspaper schedules listed Bob as hosting 7:00PM-midnight on WPOP for about two months in early 1964. He apparently left to start a new position at WGR in Buffalo, only to be let go when the whole staff was replaced by a new owner in May.

For a time in late 1966, Bob was the program direcvtor at WMMJ in Lancaster, NY. He also logged time - twice - at WKBW Buffalo in 1967-69 and WGR Buffalo throughout the 1970s and 80s.

It isn't clear if the Bob Christian from WPOP is the same one from Buffalo. If so, Robert C. Christensen died in Buffalo on February 16, 2007. He was born August 26, 1942 and spent 35 years on the air, most of it in upstate New York.

Lance Christian (as Sebastian at WDRC)
January 22 - May 25, 1972

A man of many names, Joseph Schlosser came to WPOP from WCCC to host Saturday middays and Sunday evenings using the name Lance Christian. His stay was short and soon he was working at WAVZ New Haven; WNAQ Waterbury; WNVR Naugatuck; WDRC Hartford (as Sebastian); and back to WCCC.

Through most of 1985-86 Sebastian returned to WDRC where he hosted a controversial, mostly-talk show. After his second dismissal he went to back to WCCC in 1988 before inheriting the morning shift at WZMX Hartford in 1995; he left in May, 1999. From September 4, 2001 to July 25, 2003 he did an afternoon show at all-sports WNNZ in Springfield. After a stint at WFAN New York he returned to Hartford hosting morning drive at WCCC Fm, then moving to WTIC.

In November 2010 Sebastian was arrested during a state and federal racketeering investigation. Charged with illegal gambling, in April 2011 he was spared prison time and placed on two years proation. (8-4-14).

audio: January 22, 1972
WPOP's Ed Clancy
September 19, 1966 - August, 1970 & & before February 1971 - November 24, 1972

After stints at WNDR and WOLF Syracuse and WTRY Troy, Ed Clancy joined WPOP in 1966. His primary duty was filling Bob Marshall's shoes as host of Hotline from 11:00PM-1:00AM. When that show was canceled in early 1967, Clancy moved to the newsroom.

Sgt. Clancy was supposed to disappear from the airwaves for a while in mid-1968 when his unit of the New York Air National Guard was called to active duty. But after a going-away party, the call-up was canceled so Ed went back to work. In 1969 he was heard doing morning drive newscasts with Allen King, and later joined the Odd Couple, Bill Winters and Lou Morton. Ed frequently produced award winning investigative news pieces which aired Sunday nights at 9:30PM on Spotlight 69.

In August 1970 Ed joined the staff of Senator Tom Dodd where he worked aside Joe Barbarette. He was back at WPOP by February 1971.

From February through November 1972 Ed stepped out of his role as newsman to host a controversial (and cutting edge for the time) program called Women's Glib. WPOP aired it from 10:00AM-3:00PM and Ed played a few records in between phone calls from women sharing their innermost thoughts on sex.

After leaving Hartford for good, Ed moved to New Orleans where he worked at WGSO, WTIX, WWL and WSMB.

Ed is a full time writer in New Orleans; he recently finished ghostwriting the autobiography of a man who owned most of the drive-in theaters in Louisiana and several other southern states. He's working on a book of columns he's written over the years for publications in the New Orleans area; see his note. (e-mail). (7/17/23)

audio: September 28, 1966

audio: September 11, 1968

audio: September 4, 1972

WPOP's Danny Clayton
January 6, 1967 - before August 22, 1970

Dan's first radio job was morning man at XEAU in Tijuana, Mexico. From there it was on to KDEO in San Diego, KENO in Las Vegas and KBTR Denver. Darlin' Dan Clayton (also known as Dangerous Dan) joined WPOP's 3:00-7:00PM shift (later 3:00-6:00PM). He frequently recorded his programs to mail to American troops in Vietnam to give them a taste of home. Listeners could send in the name of their loved ones in the service and tape a special message in the program.

In 1968 Dan replaced Woody Roberts as the station's program director. He came off the air full-time at the end of December but often filled in for his staff. In July, 1969, as WPOP featured a local version of Bill Drake's infamous "Drake format," The Boss Jocks earned a 7:00PM-midnight Pulse rating of 34 compared to Ken Griffin's 16 on WDRC.

After WPOP Dan moved to KRIZ in Phoenix as program director and afternoon drive host, then to the 7:00PM-midnight shift at 50,000 blowtorch WLW Cincinnati. His later stops included WRC Washington; WBBF Rochester; WLLT Cincinnati; KTNQ/KLVE Las Vegas; the management team at Premiere Broadcast in Los Angeles; and an ownership stint at KOQO/KQPW in Fresno.

In 2011 Dan was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He is a retired executive vice president of El Dorado Communications. He lives in Beverly Hills (swimming pools, movie stars) where he is known by his real name, Ken Wolt. Check his acting web site or see his note (7/30/14) (e-mail).

audio: October 17, 1968
WPOP's Bill Coffey
March 16, 1971 - December 29, 1972

Prior to his arrival in Hartford, Bill (not his real name) worked at WAGM Presque Isle, ME and WONE Dayton, OH. Lou Morton hired him to replace Bob Rivers on the overnight shift. Four months later he moved to the 10:00AM-3:00PM shift replacing Tom Jones. But that didn't last long either. When Scott St. James left, Bill inherited his morning drive shift on January 1, 1972. When Bill left a year later Judge Harrigan took over morning drive.

For Bill, life after Hartford included stops at WJJD and WMAQ Chicago, WIL St. Louis, WSLR Akron, then back to St. Louis at WIL, KSD and later KUSA. Since 1996 Bill has worked in the automotive business. He was not the Bill Coffey who passed away at WBEE Rochester, NY in late 2004.

Bill is sales manager of a St. Louis auto dealership; see his note (11/14/14) (e-mail).

audio: August 24, 1971
WPOP's Tracy Cole
July, 1968 - November, 1969

Born on October 4, 1927, Tracy's long broadcast career included stops at WKPT Kingsport, TN; WOPI Bristol, TN; WDEV Waterbury, VT; WWSR St. Albans, VT; WLNH Laconia, NH; WTSN Dover, NH; WHEB Portsmouth, NH; WTSV Claremont, NH; WGIR Manchester, NH; WMLO Beverly, MA; WESX Salem, MA; WBZ and WMEX Boston and WINF Manchester, CT (where he co-anchored a 3-hour morning news block with Lou Morton). Originally hired by Chuck Crouse in 1968, Tracy replaced him as WPOP's news director in January 1969. In addition to his daily newscasts Tracy was responsible for producing the Sunday night public affairs program, Spotlight '68/69.

After leaving WPOP Tracy returned to WINF for a while before joining WACE Chicopee, MA where he hosted a daily call-in show. He later worked at WREB in Holyoke, MA.

Tracy W. Cole died May 18, 1989 at the age of 62.

audio: January 8, 1969
WPOP's Tom Collins (aka Dude Walker)
May 27, 1973 - August 9, 1974

Bob Paiva recalls attending a Gavin conference in New Hampshire when he met a young man "whose voice knocked me out." In the spring of 1973 he brought Tom to WPOP to do Sunday nights from 7:30-10:00PM, though by November he had moved to weekdays from 2:00-6:00PM. (Incidentally, this was not the Tom Collins who had worked at WWCO in Waterbury and WDRC in Hartford.)

Using the name Dude Walker he has worked at several major stations including WPGC & WRQX Washington; WHBQ Memphis; WRKO Boston and WABK Augusta, ME.

Today Dude Walker is a major freelance voice talent (e-mail); see his note. (5/15/01)

audio: June, 1974
WPOP's Bill Colman
January 8, 1973 - February, 1974

Bill logged time at WLIX Islip and WGLI Babylon, both on Long Island, before crossing into Connecticut. He arrived at WPOP from WAVZ New Haven to replace Bill Coffey on the 10:00AM-3:00PM shift. While working at The Big 14, Colman also served as programming consultant at WCDQ Hamden.

After a year he moved cross-town to host the same shift at WDRC AM using the name which he has used for the rest of his career, Bill Neil. He has also worked at WBZ Boston, MA; WIP, WFIL and WNSI all in Philadelphia, PA; WNSR/WMXV New York, NY; WMXJ Miami, FL and WFLC South Florida.

Bill is partner in a South Florida law firm; see his note. (e-mail). (10/24/01)

audio: January 16, 1973
WPOP's Roy Cooper
March - August, 1965

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Roy attended Evansville College and began his radio career in 1959 at local station WEOA. He also worked at WKLO Louisville, WISH Indianapolis, WPLO in Atlanta, WIFE in Indianapolis. He joined WPOP from WNDR Syracuse, NY, where he was program director. Roy was one of The Good Guys, playing the hits from 5:30-9:00AM. He replaced Jim Gearhart on the morning show and was replaced by Kilroy.

Roy left Hartford to join WSAI in Cincinnati, later settling in for a long stay at WIBC Indianapolis. In 1973 Roy programmed WHK in Cleveland (where he worked with WPOP alumnus Bill Love). He was back in Indianapolis as vice president & general manager of WIBC and WNAP/WEAG/WKLR FM in 1992; he had the distinction of heading up the stations under four different corporate ownerships.

Roy runs an investment company in Carmel, Indiana. (11/21/14)

audio: 1965 Roy Cooper promo
WPOP's Bob Craig
December, 1974 - June 29, 1975

Bob's on-air career began at WLTN in Littleton, NH and took him to WPLM Plymouth, WBZ Boston, WARE Ware, MA, WHYN Springfield, MA, and WICH Norwich, CT. For four and a half years he was the 10:00AM-3:00PM host at WDRC AM until October, 1974. In early December he started doing fill-in work at WPOP and on December 30th he joined the staff full-time in his old midday shift. He was one of the crew that went down with the musical ship when WPOP went all-news; his was the last local music show, 2-6PM, on June 29, 1975 (though the last record was played by Wolfman Jack during his syndicated show, 6-10PM).

After WPOP he held posts at WHDH Boston; WNAB Bridgeport, CT; WWYZ Waterbury, CT; WMGK, WEAZ, WPEN and WHAT, all in Philadelphia, PA.

Bob hosts jazz shows on WRTI in Philadelphia; watch a retrospective of Bob's 60-year radio career (e-mail)(7/31/23).

audio: March 11, 1975
WPOP's Chuck Crouse
July, 1967 - January, 1969

Chuck got his radio start in high school (Rocky River High School, Class of 1958) where he delivered mormning announcements on the public address system. He worked at WOSU AM/FM/TV Columbus, WVKO FM Columbus, WLKR FM Norwalk,WLCV FM Cleveland, WERE Cleveland, and WSOM Salem (all in Ohio) and was news director at WGL Fort Wayne, IN when he was hired as WPOP's news director, replacing Dick White.

Tracy Cole was promoted to news director when Chuck left WPOP for a post as news director at WINF Manchester, CT. He later worked at WDRC A/F Hartford; WEEI Boston and was a stringer for ABC Radio. From 1992 to 2006 Chuck owned WLMI FM in Kane, PA.

Chuck is retired from radio near Lancaster, PA; see his note (e-mail) (4/13/07).

audio: February 1968
WPOP's Jeff Curtis
December 1968-early 1969

While a student at the University of Hartford, Jeff hosted the afternoon show at campus station WWUH FM. While serving in Uncle Sam's Army, Jeff also moonlighted on the graveyward shift at KTSA San Antonio, where he worked with Lee Baby Simms.

Back in Hartford, one night Jeff was visiting WPOP engineer Larry Buck who suggested to Dan Clayton that Jeff might make a good fill-in DJ. Jeff did a few overnight shifts filling in for Gary Girard.

Jeff is a partner in Hartford Business Partners, Inc.; he splits his time between Farmington and Raleigh, NC (e-mail) (1/31/15).

audio: December, 1968
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