Hartford Courant ad - March 13, 1971

For the spring 1971 Arbitron promotion, the WPOP Good Guys were transformed into secret agents.

The prize was a two-week trip for two to England. To win, listeners had to obtain a Crumpet Caper button at various sponsors, then pin it on the current WPOP Crumpet Caper agent who was out and about in public. The contest was based largely on a supposed dispute between program director Lou Morton and 7PM-midnight jock Frank Holler. Frank claimed he could hide in public longer than anyone else but Morton refused to let him become Secret Agent .0014.

WPOP Crumpet Caper button

Linc Holmes

First out of the starting block was WPOP morning news anchor Linc Holmes (left). He was "caught" within a matter of hours.

Next, afternoon driver Scott St. James (right) was turned loose. But he, too, wasn't on the streets of greater Hartford for long before a listener pinned the required button on his lapel.

It is worth noting that morning man Bill Love was never sent out in the field as the secret agent; it's kind of difficult to blend in when you're 6'7"and 240 pounds.

Scott St. James
Ed Clancy

Afternoon news anchor Ed Clancy (left) was Morton's next choice to be Agent .0014. Before long he was back in the studio with his predecessors (read about his experience here) or read his blog account of how he masqueraded as a priest during his stint as WPOP's Crumpet Caper Secret Agent .0014.

audio: April 7, 1971 Midday personality Tom Jones (right) survived a bit longer. Here he gives Bill Love an on-air clue to his whereabouts.

Tom Jones
Frank Holler

audio: April 12, 1971 Over several weeks the feud was fueled, culminating in Frank's planned walkout in the middle of his shift on April 12th. Music director Bob Paiva rushed in to finish the show as Holler held a demonstration in WPOP's Cedar Street parking lot, asking listeners to sign petitions in his behalf. The next morning Bill Love walked out in sympathy, leaving Morton to do the show solo.

audio: April 13, 1971 Tom Jones walked out as well, leaving overnighter Bill Coffey to fill the air.

audio: April 13, 1971 That afternoon Scott St. James walked out; Coffey was eventually relieved by Judge Harrigan.

audio: April 16, 1971 On April 16, WPOP bought a block of time on Channel 18 and televised The Great Crumpet Caper Debate at 7:30PM. Eventually, Lou Morton capitulated when Frank Holler (left) presented 50,000 listener signatures on petitions demanding that he be appointed Secret Agent .0014.

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