The Hartford Courant TV Week - July 17, 1966

The Courant TV Week - July 17, 1966

While this ad is from July 1966, WPOP was promoting the Good Guys as early as March of 1964.
That spring the deejays recorded several songs to launch the campaign:
audio: 1964 Good Guy song #1
audio: April 10, 1964 Good Guy Song #2 featuring Fats Fontoon, Jim Gearhart, Jack Kelly, Jim McLaughlin, Ken Griffin, Lou Terri
audio: April 10, 1964 Good Guys song adding Jerry Gordon
audio: June 9, 1964 On June 9, 1964 Ken Griffin recorded this ad for Good Guys sweatshirts - for just $1.87!

audio: September 18, 1966 September 18, 1966 marked the launch of a new fall lineup, though this promo didn't specifically refer to the Good Guys
(Woody Roberts, Bill Bland, Bill Winters, Ken Griffin, Lee Baby Simms, Ed Clancy, John Sherman)

In March 1968 the WPOP Good Guys quietly became the WPOP Boss Jocks.

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