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50th Anniversary Supplement

January 1, 1972 marked the beginning of a yearlong celebration of WDRC's Golden Anniversary. Charlie Parker and company pulled out all the stops with a series of promotions, newspaper advertisements, and dozens of on-air promos. The theme was "Friends with you since '22."

The campaign kicked off with The Secret Sentence, a variation of the 1960s Secret Sound contest. Lon Landis was the voice of the promotion. Key syllables of his historic statements about WDRC were edited out and listeners had to guess the correct wording to win a cash jackpot.

On November 5th, The Hartford Courant included a 16 page supplement on the station (left).

audio: December 31, 1972 - long version of "1972 - Big D - 50 Years of Broadcasting History" Click to listen to the 7:18 50th anniversary montage written by Charlie Parker and produced by Dan Siemasko, or click on the icons below to hear some of the many special anniversary promos.


audio:  Goodbye to 1961 Goodbye to 1961 - The voice in this clip was Jerry Bishop; the voiceover talent for this series of promos was Dick McDonough, and the tag was a jingle from TM's "Friends" package.

audio:  Goodbye to 1963 Goodbye to 1963 - The voice in this 1963 clip was Jim Nettleton.

audio:  Secret Sound winner Secret Sound contest winner - Ron Landry is featured notifying Mrs. A. Campbells that she had solved the Secret Sound!

audio:  Boston Blackie Boston Blackie - This series of promos featured clips from the heyday of WDRC's CBS affiliation.

audio:  Remember When? Remember When? - This series featured the voiceover talent of Pete Ross and Gary DeGraide, plus the musical tag from a hit song which was from a brand new, controversial television show.

audio:  June 8, 1972 Station Identification - Naturally, an event like a 50th Anniversary required a specially recorded top of the hour ID, voiced by Dick McDonough.

audio:  March 26, 1972 Don't Say Hello - Charlie Parker even invented a contest so listeners could win prizes for WDRC's birthday.

  1972 - Don't Say Hello ad

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Friday August 18, 2000 marked the 40th
anniversary of WDRC dropping CBS and
instituting local pop music programming.

WDRC FM held a week-long celebration, bringing
back many voices from the past.
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