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The Beatles
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The Beatles

The phenomena that was The Beatles fueled the growing popularity of rock and roll radio stations. If Elvis propelled such music into national conciousness, The Fab Four renewed the public's interest and Top 40 radio stations were the benefactors.

WDRC had a major advantage in its afternoon host, Long John Wade. After their first appearance in New York on the Ed Sullivan Show (February 9, 1964), LJW made himself the station's Beatles expert, developing a close, personal friendship with each of the Lads from Liverpool.

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audio - WDRC's Long John Wade talks with Paul McCartney Much has been written about New York disc jockey Murray Kaufmann who billed himself as "the fifth Beatle," but Long John traveled with the Beatles. Click for his recollections

audio - WDRC Beatles promo from August 22, 1964 In August, 1964 WDRC sent Long John with the Beatles on their national tour. From Los Angeles...Las Vegas...Denver... Philadelphia...Chicago...New Orleans...and New York City, LJW sent reports back to Big D while his younger brother, Don, hosted his 4-8PM show.

Thirty-five days, 15,000 miles and 576,000 screaming fans later, Long John told his listeners the Moptops were all regular guys: "Personally I would say John Lennon is the 'thinker.' Ringo is the funniest. Paul the friendliest, and George is the quiet one."

WDRC's Long John Wade with George Harrison

LJW with John & Yoko

audio - WDRC Beatles jingle WDRC purchased a special package of jingles based on Beatles songs; this is one surviving cut.

After Long John left WDRC in 1966, he spent several years in Philadelphia and remained close to the Beatles.

Here he is shown with John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their famous bed-in at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal in May, 1969.

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