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Major advertisers utilize short musical themes to reinforce their commercial message. So do radio stations. Employing distinct musical jingles to punctuate overall programming has been a radio tradition since the late 1940s. The jingle capital of America is Dallas, though certain producers have been based in other cities.

This chronology of jingle-usage at WDRC is far from complete. Feedback is welcome. Where known, the actual date the jingle package was sung and recorded is given. Click on the Big D icons to hear samples.

audio - mystery jingle from 1960 Date unknown/producer unknown - During the 25th anniversary weekend special in August, 1985, Frank Holler played this cut. Listen to his explanation.

audio - mystery WDRC jingle from 1961 Date unknown/producer unknown - This example appears on a 1961 station profile produced for WDRC's New York sales representatives. Little else is known including how many other cuts (if any) were part of the package.

audio - WDRC's Robert Ross package from October 1962 October, 1962/Roy Ross Enterprises, Inc. (New York) - Many stations bought the series used at WDRC, including WAVZ New Haven and WPRO Providence. Here are audio - 2 cuts from Dolphin Ross package for KGO San Francisco in 1960 two excerpts from the original demo recorded for KGO San Francisco in 1960. It included a set of audio - montage of WDRC instrumental cuts from Roy Ross in October 1962 instrumental jingles with the basic musical signature which were frequently used as promo backgrounds, or by themselves between records.

audio - WDRC PAMS Series #27 spec cuts from January 1965 January 1965 - Here are four spec cuts that PAMS produced but WDRC never aired. The lack of reverb and compression suggests these were produced to give the station a choice in logo and lyric treatments.

audio - WDRC's PAMS Series #27 from January 22, 1965 January 22, 1965/PAMS Series#27 (Dallas) - The day before WDRC launched its pop music format (August 18, 1960), rival WPOP cut its first PAMS jingle package (Series #14). For the rest of the decade WPOP managed to get first dibs on most PAMS packages. But Big D bought the company's most popular series of all: Series #27 - The Jet Set. The "What's Doing 'Round Connecticut" column of February 7, 1965 says, "New jingles give Big D the modern musical trademark. Listen you'll see." Later, Big D also bought PAMS' Beatles Series.

audio - WDRC's Gwin Sound Series #5 package from February 1966 February, 1966/Gwinsound Series #5 (Dallas) - Tommy Gwinn sold this package to Charlie Parker. It retained the up-tempo feel, and some of the lyrics, of PAMS Series #27 but the package was used for a relatively short time.

audio - WDRC custom Joey Reynolds package from May 1967 May, 1967/Joey Reynolds format - The precise story behind this package is unclear though it is generally believed the popular 6-9PM host was involved in its production. The "What's Doing 'Round Connecticut" column of May 14, 1967 says, "The name is the same but the musical signature is new. The new jingles on the Big 'D.' Give a listen, we know you'll like 'em." Evidently listeners didn't because they weren't used for long. One exception was the audio - WDRC Weather Eye jingle"WDRC Weather Eye" cut which was used in mid 1967 after Series #27 was put back into service.

audio - PAMS signatures for WDRC; these were rejected @summer, 1967/PAMS audition sigs for #33 (Dallas) - Clearly, Charlie Parker was looking for a new jingle sound in 1967. This demo tape contained an acapella vocal group demonstrating several possible variations on the WDRC musical logo for PAMS Series #33 - the Fun Vibrations package, but the sale was not completed and these cuts were never used.

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