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Joel Cash-ew Nut Club
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WDRC's Joel Cash With a name like Joel Cash it was probably inevitable that WDRC program director Charlie Parker would dream up a promotion featuring a play on words. It happened during Joel's first stint at Big D (he returned briefly in late 1966). May 9, 1962 postmark on WDRC Cash-ew Club envelope

Here's how WDRC listener Paul Bezanker became a member of the Joel Cash-ew Nut Club (see letter below).


"I thought you’d get a nostalgic kick out of this!

I found the letter shown in the attached scans in my “To Be Sorted” pile. It’s a pre-ZIP Code (1962), hand-typewritten letter signed by DJ Joel Cash on WDRC original letterhead welcoming me to the “JOEL CASH-EW NUT CLUB”!

You will notice my address on the envelope was in Glastonbury, CT. The letter dates from my high school days. Growing up in a rural suburb of Hartford, I always turned the radio dial back and forth between WDRC (1360 AM) and WPOP (1410), following each station’s weekly surveys, and listening to the Swingin’ Six or Friendly Five DJs on ‘DRC and the wild guys on ‘POP.

On New Year’s Eve in 1963, I listened to both stations, but I had heard that Murray the K was broadcasting a Top (50 or 100?) Hits of 1963 on NYC’s station WINS and the printed survey was available by mail! My radio couldn’t tune in WINS, so I sent for a copy of the survey and it arrived 3 or 4 weeks later, autographed by the future “5th Beatle” himself! I no longer have my survey collection; it’s in the safe hands of Ed Brouder. Enjoy the attached images from 1962! (It's a good thing collectors never throw anything away!)"


May 1962 letter to listeners about the WDRC Joel Cash-ew Nut Club

Incidentally, Paul Bezanker is the author of Connecticut Rocks! The History of Connecticut Rock 'N' Roll©. His newest book, Supplement No. 1 to Connecticut Rocks! The History of Connecticut Rock 'N' Roll© is now available. Contact him by e-mail or write to: 2603 Kim Miller Road Lake Toxaway, NC 28747-6777.

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