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Franklin M. Doolittle
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brochure for F.M. Doolittle Company Decremeter (Bulletin 107R)

Among Franklin Doolittle's early forays into manufacturing was the Decremeter, a transmitter antenna tuner designed for the amateur radio operator.

brochure for F.M. Doolittle Company Decremeter (Bulletin 107R)

ad for the Doolittle Decremeter that appeared in QST magazine, September 1920

The F.M. Doolittle Company of New Haven manufactured a series of products in the early 1920s, although the exact quantities are unknown. They included:

  • Type 100 Panel Type Receiving Set
  • Type 102 Variable Condenser
  • Type 105 Crystal Detector Stand
  • Type 107R Decremeter
  • Type 109 Duplex Gap manufactured in 1921
  • a tuner manufactured in about 1922
  • Amplifone
  • Audimax

The Doolittle Decremeter bulletin images were provided by John Doolittle. The 1920 advertisement from QST magazine was provided by George Freeman.

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