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Thursday, August 23, 2001, 4:16:22PM

Discovered your radio info about Lee Vogel. In 1964, Lee and his wife were Godparents for one of my children when he was with CKEY Radio in Toronto. I had just left CKCR Radio in Kitchener, Ontario and was living in Brampton at the time. I had attempted to locate Lee over the years, but didn't know where he went when he left CKEY sometime in the mid-60's. Just recently I was able unearth some interesting details. Apparently Lee went to Miami, I assume in 1967, and in 1968/69 contracted cancer and I'm told he passed away in 1970. Now I'm assuming it's the same Lee Vogel as your photo would prove that out, however your site says he is in Buffalo. Is it possible to confirm that? Would be pleased to get any further info if available. Many thanks...

Gary Megaffin (e-mail)

Ed's note: There were two Lee Vogels. The one that worked at WDRC died in 2016. The other one worked at WHB Kansas City, WMAQ Chicago, WEAW-WTAQ Evanston, wDGE Minneapolis, KSTP Minneapolis and was working at WQAM Miami when he died April 21, 1970 of Hodgkin's disease. He was only 42.



Tuesday, August 22, 2001, 11:21:50AM


Dave Overson here who use to work with Jack Morgan, actually know as Jack Tupper. Jack is no longer with us. He passed away several years ago and is now part of Rock and Roll Heaven with Charlie Parker as the PD.

A short story with Jack. When he came to WDRC he Charlie Parker changed his name from Jack Tupper to Jack Morgan, JM in the AM as Charlie would say. Jack often would forget calling himself Jack Morgan and would slip with his real name of Jack Tupper. To help Jack I put the name "Jack Morgan" on a bright red plain bumper sticker. Jack would put the label in front of him when he would go on the air. When Jack left the Big D to go back to Portland Main at WGAN, he went back to his real name of Jack Tupper. Jack wrote me a letter asking me to make another label of "Jack Tupper" so he could remember his name because he kept saying Jack Morgan, JM in the AM.

Jack and I were also responsible for the famous Walt Dibble sports jingles, the daily radio episodes of the Lone Ranger and the Saturday morning movie. Working with Jack was a real treat. He will be missed.

Dave Overson (e-mail)



Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 8:15:54AM

Hi Ed:

In 1971, my boyfriend won the contest "keep your hands on a Toyota and never let go"...the contest was geared to do just that...taking place at Lynch Toyota in Manchester.. I don't think they ever expected people to stay standing up for 7 days,outside in October, with a small snowstorm...holding on to a car...and THEY COULDNT MOVE...BUT EVERY 12 HOURS, i think they had like a 15 minute bathroom break...well anyways..and HE WON! The radio station was also camped out there broadcasting live.....I have those articles also...it was such a hoot....

I think I missed my calling should have gone to Connecticut School of Broadcasting..as I said still love music... concerts ...I think there was more going on in 1966...the Bushnell as you have on your website, had show after show...i think i went to 90% of them...in fact I remember Ken Griffin got my girlfriend backstage for Hermans Hermit..she was like this big fan...and she was thrilled...


Pam Civiello (e-mail)



Saturday, July 7, 2001, 5:24:32PM

Hi Ed,

Great to hear from you and visit your terrific web site. It brings back some old memories. I was raised in Manchester when AM Top 40 was king and WPOP and WDRC were going head-to-head. I was a faithful BigD listener (loved those Swinging 60 Surveys) and some of the personalities on your site were my heroes as a kid, especially Ron Landry and Sandy Beach -- what creative talents! It was a real thrill to later work at both of those stations. I was a full-time anchor at WPOP after it went all-news, and then a part-time newsman at WDRC while news director at WNVR and while also working at WCBS-FM briefly. Those were the days. Where did we get the energy?!

As for my career, I started out wanting to be a jock, trying to emulate those heroes of the airwaves from my youth. I soon found news was my true calling. Here's the path I took: WBMI Meriden (12/70-5/71), WKSS Hartford (5/71-12/71), WNTY Southington (7/71-12/71), WINY Putnam (11/71-4/77), WPOP Hartford (4/77-1/80), WDRC Hartford (2/80-9/81), WNVR Waterbury (2/80-9/81), WCBS-FM New York (7/81-9/81) and AP Radio Washington (9/81-present). I hated to leave Connecticut, but the News Mecca of Washington beckoned.

I knew some super people at Big D, including Tom Kelly and Bob Marx. I see Tom here in Washington occassionally. Rob Branham was another (he had moved into sales by the time he was at DRC). Sadly, Rob died of leukemia several years ago. I also worked with Bryant Thomas -- another name on your list -- at WPOP. And we've been working in the same newsroom at AP for about five years now. In fact, there are several Connecticut radio folks who have worked or still are working at AP -- including entertainment editor Michael Weinfeld (gave him his first job when I was news director at WINY). Small world, huh?

And thanks for adding me to your list.

Cheers, David Melendy (e-mail)



Wednesday, June 27, 2001, 9:09:28PM

It's a scary thing to type your name into a search engine and get a response. I am listed as one of the engineers who worked for the "Big D". I worked with Don Wade and Sandy Beach as control room operator, Oct '66 to April '68. Some of the best times of my broadcast career.

John Diskes (e-mail)



Friday, June 22, 2001, 12:51:22AM

Hey Ed, I was just going through the WDRCOBG site. It's great. You've done a good job. For complete accuracy, I replaced Walt Dibble as News Director in August 1977 (moving from WAVZ where I had been news director for 2 years) and Ken Trimble actually started in January 1978. I was let go just after the Christmas and New Years break. Although my time was short, I consider it a highlight of my life to have been hired by Charlie Parker and to have been a part of WDRC even though it was only about 6 months.

Steve Martin (e-mail)



Tuesday, June 19, 2001, 8:06:46PM [in reference to the article in TV/Radio Mirror, September, 1963 published after Jerry left WDRC]

Dear Ed,

When I left WDRC it was rather abrupt. So if memory serves me correctly the story is as follows. I told Bertha I wanted to go to the west coast. She got on the phone and told me to send a tape to KCBQ in San Diego..a Lee Bartell station. Ironically the article appeared in one of his publications. Within two days, after I sent the tape, they called to tell me I had the job. All I had to do was meet Bartell in New York so he could check me out....I was in San Diego working two weeks after they called me. The interview for the magazine happened before I had any idea that I was leaving DRC so they had it altered for that September...I believe I still have a copy of it. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for everything,

Jerry Bishop (e-mail)

By the Bye, I'm still keeping my hand in with the Judge Judy show and a couple of voice overs here and there..life is good!



Saturday, June 16, 2001, 10:11:50PM

You missed the best part of the history. WDRC started in about 1919/1920 in New Haven with the first ever scheduled programming. KDKA had the first commercial broadcasting. WDRC, the Doolittle Radio Corporation, first broadcast from a house on Bradley street before moving to its own quarters. It moved to Hartford sometime in the '30's. I grew up in a house 2 doors down from the Doolittle's, and was too young to see any of this, the Bradley Street part, but my uncle, Will Daly, who was quite a gadgeteer, gave Doolittle, I don't know his first name, a lot of assistance. He told me about this later, by then the Doolottle's had left Brdley Street, and a doctor was in their house.

Bill O'Connell (e-mail)

Ed's response: Bill, there's a lot to see on this site but you must have missed the extensive material on Franklin M. Doolittle and his early New Haven radio exploits. Click here.



Friday, May 25, 2001, 10:47:22AM


I continue to enjoy your website and find new and interesting things every time I visit.

I'm looking for some old WDRC Radio jingles, and also, if anyone who reads the board and lives in Connecticut trades/collects airchecks of radio stations, please let me know..there are a few things I'm looking for…and I have a few things for trade.

If anyone can help, please email me: NLRadio@Newlondonradio.com



Monday, May 21, 2001, 7:44:38PM

To all those who knew him:

Judd (Otis) Coursey passed away this afternoon at 3:30. The world is a much emptier place without him. His wife has requested no flowers, but if you would like a make a gesture, she suggests a donation to Hospice, who were so helpful to them at the end. No funeral per his orders, but there may be a get together. If something should happen, everybody will be notified.

Kiss your loved ones today.

Bob DeCarlo (e-mail)



Tuesday, April 17, 2001, 1:44:36PM


I'm Paul, 17 years old and I live in SouthEastern Connecticut.

Although I am not nearly old enough to remember all of WDRC-FM, I have been listening to it for almost 15 years..(yes I did listen to it when I was a baby.

I love wdrcobg.com, my favorite part is the jingles page and the jocks page. Andy Bricker, who worked at WDRC, also worked at WCNX Middletown, CT (another one of my "childhood" radio station, I know the current owner)..when did he work there?

I go to school with the son of a current 'DRC-FM staff member..I know ryan nagle, dave nagle's son.

Like I said, even though I'm not nearly old enough to remember alot of these, what i do remember and listen to and rad onyour website, brings back the memories past and present of DRC-FM!!

Once again, great job..I really apperciate it all. Thanks!

Paul Walker (e-mail)



Thursday, April 12, 2001, 12:09:20PM

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the tribute. You did an incredible job. Here's some current info:

I joined WDRC right after I got back from the Army (drafted in 1967). After leaving WDRC I went on to become a partner and Creative Director at Mintz & Hoke Advertising in Avon, CT for 26 years. (Writing was always my real passion.) We started with 5 people in a two family house. When I sold my share in 1999 we were the largest agency in CT and the 5th largest in New England. Since leaving Mintz & Hoke, I have been writing screenplays and working as a free lance writer and commercial director. By the way, all those years behind the mike really paid off by helping me direct talent like former Big D personalities Al Gates and Bill St. James for national commercials. BIG D in it's heyday, with on-air guys like Joey Reynolds and Kenny Griffin, and Charlie Parker leading the pack was an incredible high. I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

Dik Haddad (e-mail)



Thursday, April 5, 2001, 10:46:30AM

Hi Ed:

My name is Peter Q. George (K1XRB). Like you, I am a broadcast historian (of sorts). I had a chance to visit your http://wdrcobg.com website. I was totally amazed with the sounds and history you have provided on that wonderful website. I was especially amazed on the clarity of your sound-byte of the Major and crew on that Yankee Network recording from 1941. I would like to invite you to visit my website (RadioDXer.com). I have a lot of sound-bytes and the ever growing "UHF Morgue". Please let me know what you think. Thank you for putting up a great website. Best wishes!!


Peter Q. George Editor-"RadioDXer.com" (e-mail)



Sunday, March 25, 2001, 12:50:04AM

Hi: I listened to WDRC from 1965 to 1980. Great memories and one of the best sites I have visited ever. One of the favorite things I have on CD is "Big D is 50" from 1972. 50 years of broadcasting history. WDRC provided me with many hours of enjoyment. They will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life!! Presently living in Tulsa


Dave Bartlett (e-mail)



Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 3:35:14PM






Sunday, March 11, 2001, 9:22:12PM

Hello to all in the WDRC family.

As you scroll down through the feedback letters that have been sent to this site, on October 3, 2000 you'll see a message sent by Bill Pearson. What is so tragically ironic is that exactly two weeks later, Bill took his own life under some rather traumatic circumstances down in Atlanta. I only learned of this recently and I know that all who loved WDRC and the people who have worked their would want to know, especially those who knew Bill and share the same feelings for him that I did and do now.

In 1978, I was the 7-midnight jock on 'DRC-AM and each evening as I drove home to Rocky Hill I would listen to WRCQ because the overnight guy was a total whack job and never failed to make me chuckle. It was Bill. Soon, I decided to call him and tell him how funny I thought he was and we became friends. Later, when Charlie Parker was looking to hire a new jock, I gave him the full court press to hire Bill and he did. It was a perfect match and Charlie loved Bill's sense of humor and style. I moved on to other adventures in Boston soon thereafter and fell out of touch with Bill.

As the host of the syndicated radio feature, Time Capsule since 1979, I have an e-mail address on the Time Capsule homepage which Bill stumbled across last summer. He e-mailed me, we got each other's phone numbers, and we relived some old memories over the phone on a couple of occasions. As a member of the ESPN broadcast team that covers NHRA drag racing, I told Bill I would be coming to Atlanta this May for the national event at Atlanta Dragway and we'd have to get together, something I was greatly looking forward to. About a month ago, after calling the broadcasting school in Atlanta to touch base, I learned about Bill's passing.

As time passes, the brotherhood (and sisterhood) that was such a great part of the WDRC experience and the common love we all felt for Charlie and the people he hired will be put to the test as members of our radio family slowly dwindles. I'll miss Bill's goofy personality and offbeat wit and remember fondly what a good friend he was. I know others who knew him feel that same way and we all wish his life could have been much longer.

Bill "FM" Stephens (e-mail)



Saturday, March 3, 2001, 1:34:44PM

Hello Ed, Mike McCann here... just wanted to update you on my present status: I continue to spend my weekdays as an oldies producer-reporter for MJI Broadcasting - DRC-FM is an affiliate of our daily feature service, HOT WAX FAX, which goes to over 40 stations across the country. As of mid-February, I now have a regular Saturday afternoon shift (4-7pm, right between New York radio legends Dan Ingram and Cousin Brucie) on WCBS-FM, where I'd been a fill-in jock since 1998.

As the signals of 101.1 and 102.9 overlap in parts of Fairfield County, I hope that longtime listeners of mine will enjoy tuning in. Congrat's again on a terrific website.

MM (e-mail)



Monday, February 26, 2001, 1:26:24PM

The two towers on the left were the two originals and the one on the right is the present East tower. That picture was taken before the present West tower was constructed which was in 1936 or 37. When the construction of the two present towers was completed, the two four legged towers were removed. The cement bases for the near tower were removed when we expanded the parking lot in 1975, the ones for the far tower still exist out in the field to the south of and between the present towers.

Wayne Mulligan, VP/GM WDRC (e-mail)

(I asked Wayne to elaborate on the photo which can be viewed on the History30s Page)



Thursday, February 8, 2001, 11:43:24AM

Hi. Steve Parker just advised me of your site. I worked for apx. 1 1/2 years at WDRC. Prior to working at WDRC, I worked in the 70's at WADS Ansonia, WFIF Milford, WCCC AM/FM Hartford, WICC Bridgeport, WKCI FM Hartford, WWCO Waterbury, WNVR AND WNAQ Naugatuck. I now reside in Woodbury CT. I own and operate Angelo's Carpet One in Waterbury CT.

Dan Walker (e-mail)



Sunday, January 14, 2001, 10:56:16PM


Being a dedicated WDRC listener back in the 70's, I have some info/memories for you:

Suzannah Young replaced me at WELI in 1979 and then went to WDRC. She lived in Middletown CT. You might be able to get some more info about her from Bill Rock who hired her at WELI. Also, I think Walt Pinto was the afternoon jock at WELI around this time and he may also remember something about her.

In your mention of Dick McDonough, you state his show at one time was 3-7 on AM and 3-8 on FM. I believe there was also a time in the early 70's when he was on from 3-7 on AM and 4-8 on FM. I believe it was just prior to when Jim Scott became the midday jock on FM. I worked with Jim Scott at WADS in the late 70's. He also worked for WCDQ, WWCO, WNHC and WIOF. I think he may have also worked for WICC.

You have a great site!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Darrow Loucks (e-mail)



Sunday, December 31, 2000, 5:08:50PM

Great site! I spent hours looking at your incredible work. It brought back many memories and allowed me get get reacquainted with many old friends.

Mike Dowling (e-mail)



Wednesday, December 27, 2000, 3:25:52PM


Great site! Lots of great memories here.

You may want to make an addition that I was CE in 1983 (I left to go to WRCH). Worked in production, then ACE, then CE from 1977 to 1983.....back again from 1988 to 1989 (went to WTIC), now Corporate Director of Engineering of Buckley Broadcasting and WOR in NY. Not bad for a kid who grew up around the corner from WDRC's transmitter in Bloomfield, whose mother used to win things on Joey Reynolds show all the time (and now I work with him), then worked at The Big D.

Also nice to see that the site is really up to date with the addition of the new drc-fm website.

Thomas R. Ray, III Corporate Director of Engineering Buckley Broadcasting/
WOR Radio/The WOR Radio Networks (e-mail)



Sunday, December 17, 2000, 5:14:40PM

Hi Ed...

Love the DRC site - absolutely the best station tribute site I've seen, and I've seen most of them (I think).

Update for your where are they now: Debbie Hanley is a fill-in weekend anchor at 1010 WINS, NY. (Also working for us in a similar capacity is Greg Jensen, son of Leif).

Lee Harris Mornings 1010 WINS (e-mail)



Monday, December 11, 2000, 3:34:22PM

Steve Parker directed me to this site ... it's great and brings back many good memories. I was there in the late Sixties and early and mid Seventies. Working there wasn't "work" - especially with Charlie. (How many of you remember Phil Steben and Roger Peichert?)

Here's a poem I wrote for Steve in memory of his dad - I know most of you will relate: CHARLIE PARKER MEMORIES

Looking back I still can see that smiling face that tickled me. Those nimble fingers, click, click, click.

Typing lyrics oh so quick.That mind of magic rhyme and wit. He'd laugh himself into a fit! With words he was beyond compare. I learned so much just being there.

To go to work was such a gas to be with someone with such class. His sense of humor gave us all fond memories that we recall.

To know him was indeed a gift. His spirit still gives me a lift. One of a kind, I must confess. (But. boy, his desk was such a mess!!)

Regards to all - Karen Fritze (aka: Putinas) (e-mail)



Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 8:32:06AM

Jim Nettleton can now be heard on WOGL "every" weekday from 3-7PM . Just thought I'd let you know.




Monday, November 20, 2000, 10:15:14AM

Grew up in Hartford from 1963-1981, before coming to Boston. I was one of those weird radio geeks who was a chronic contest winner and wrote down every one of the weekly Top 30 countdowns that Dick McDonough hosted on Fridays from 3 to 6. Based on all of the Top 40 songs that played on the Big D, I started a radio program called "The Lost 45s" which celebrates 19 years this month. It has spawned a best-selling book and CD series as well. The show can be heard on my web site at http://www.lost45.com. Thanks to everyone who worked at AM 1360 for getting me started in the business.

Barry Scott (e-mail)



Thursday, October 26, 2000, 1:04:18AM


My God! I didn't know this site existed until I surfed into it from www.440.com! What a phenomenon!! The memories--I've blown an hour reading everyone's wonderful e-mails and have yet to get to the main body of the site--but I gotta get some sleep!

FYI, Stu Kaufman is alive and well in suburban Minneapolis; he and his new ladyfriend, Connie, are running a kids' daycare center out of their home. He's happy, healthy and well. I'm still in Chatham, NJ and having a very successful and enjoyable voice-over career (13 years, the last 10 fulltime) and second marriage (6 1/2 years and counting). I still miss radio occasionally but deeply, and will be always be grateful to Charlie Parker (one of the true saints of the business and an absolutely remarkable and wonderful human being) for (1) bringing me into the WDRC family and (2) all the incredible stuff I learned just by being around him. Hangin' around with Charlie was certainly the radio equivalent of sitting with a guru.

And WHERE did you get that aircheck of me--and the one of Stu?!?!?! What a trip, especially hearing Stu talk into the legendary before-midnight playing of "Stairway!"

In the interest of completeness, after WCCC (80-81), I was at WPLR (81-84) before Bob Paiva (another name from the past!)drafted me into WWYZ in '85.

You might also want to add Scott Hartley to your list of alumni. He was part-time from 1979-80; previously he was at WHVY, Springfield and WHCN, Hartford. One of the last things I did as PD at WCCC in '81 (where I went after D103) was to bring him in as a part-timer; he did one shift there and was swept out along with me! He's now a States Attorney in Waterbury, CT, and, more important, a widely-respected railroad photographer, historian, author and expert on the New Haven Railroad.

As a sidebar, since I know you're also a student of Hartford radio, both Winn White and Jim Zeiner (ex-WHCN, early 70's) passed away in 1999. Winn had cancer; he had been news director of a couple of stations in Florida. Jim was retired and not in the best of health, but still dreamed of getting back on the air; he had a heart attack in the early summer. A memorial service late in the summer was attended by myself and fellow ex-'HCNner Jim Shanahan (now Shannon).

Again, Ed, thanks for the true Washington Monument of Radio Websites. I can't wait to spend more time checking it out!

Warmly, Country Paul Payton "Have Voice, Will Travel" 973-701-0707 (e-mail)

P. S. Rabbett, you should've told me; I would have wiped the board down for you!



Wednesday, October 18, 2000, 1:45:12PM

I became familiar with WDRC approximately thirty years ago-It's hard to believe the station went through several formats before becoming an oldies station-I just discovered the website today - It's quite fascinating - Anyone who remembers WDRC during its glory days will be happy to see this website-

Scott Burton, Bridgeport,Connecticut (e-mail)



Sunday, October 15, 2000, 6:29:42PM

Excellent WDRC site! I used to work for the Hartford Courant. In the late summer of 1968, I interviewed Ken Griffin and visited the WDRC studio at 750 Main Street as he did "Scene of the Unheard." It was groundbreaking for its time, but the funny thing is (and I am sure Griffin would agree) that he had no real knowledge of "underground" music, at least when he started. When I visited Ken (or just "Griffin," as he called himself on the late-night program), I had recently interviewed Jimi Hendrix, who had played the Bushnell in August 1968. I told him that Jimi told me that the Small Faces were one of his favorite bands -- and that was enough for Ken. He immediately put on an imported copy of the Small Faces' "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" album, proclaiming it a favorite of Jimi Hendrix. The whole show was like that. It presented music that wasn't heard on AM rock radio, but there was no guarantee that the cuts he played were important, groundbreaking, or even good. It didn't matter!

Henry McNulty (e-mail)



Friday, October 13, 2000, 10:24:34PM

You can imagine my surprise when I saw my name (and heard myself) on your Website. What a hoot! I actually sounded pretty bad then. Why did they hire me? Who else would have gotten up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekend to work with Brad Davis and Sebastian? (Only kidding Brad!) I run into Brad around town, and he still recognizes me, not that we all haven't changed.

Actually, I was only on WDRC for several months, but I did continue to work in the Hartford area doing a variety of media jobs.

After I left WDRC, I was at WHCN from 1981 to 1985. I then went to Channel 30 from 1985 through 1986, then worked at WPOP (freelancing the Manfredi murder trial). I then decided to going into writing and public relations, which I still do. (I filled in on WKSS doing news through 1988. Then I left the radio biz. But you never really leave it, do you?)

Susannah Young is also in the area. I see her more now than when we worked together. She looks great, is doing well and, hopefully, I'll get her to look at this site.

Regarding 'DRC -- I grew up in Connecticut and loved listening to Walt Dibble and Lon Landis do the news. I was usually listening on an inexpensive, AM-only transistor radio. I later advanced to AM/FM technology. I never could have dreamed that I would be working at the home of the "Groove Yard," -- the station that told us "Paul is Dead," made us listen to all those clues and look for them on the various Beatles albums. But at the end, we never found out what this all meant. Did it lead to global warming? Who knows?

Now that you know where I am, invite me to the next reunion. Maybe you will recognize me!

Phyllis Parizek (e-mail)



Tuesday, October 3, 2000, 12:40:20PM

Hi, Ed.. This a very impressive site!! A friend found it and turned me onto it just this week.

I was with WRCQ 91Q before coming to WDRC (and the dates of employment you have appear to be accurate)...I was encouraged to apply by Russ Dana and Bill Stephens, and, having grown up in Bloomfield and West Hartford, I was a fan of WDRC ever since I was a kid. I remember listening to Ron Landry ("Good Morning, Old Shoe") , Sandy Beach, the Wades...anyone from 1959 on would have been my inspiration to involve myself in radio.

I haven't done an airshift since 1984, but still do the occasional voice-over. I now operate the Atlanta Broadcast Institute, in Marietta, Georgia, and have been since 1988. Originally a Connecticut School franchise, we've branched off on our own, and still check in with Dick and Sally Robinson....great people, and great friends.

Thanks for the work you put into the WDRC site..by the way where did you ever get that obscure (and meaningless) sound bite of me...?? I hope that break wasn't the highlight of my WDRC career.

Bill Pearson (e-mail)



Friday, September 29, 2000


During the past year, since I left WDRC-FM, I completed a Civil War book and have published through my company, Dixie Tales Books. The book is the true story of my great grandfather, a young confederate soldier who fought with the 16th Louisana Infantry Regiment. The title is: Shiloh to Stones River.

The book is distributed mostly to bookstores in the South but is available for direct orders on Ebay (keyword "dixietales") and directly from Dixie Tales Books. Sales and reviews have been very encouraging and I'm currently research a second book - the subject will be history but not the Civil War.

In addition to writing, I also do voice-over work, mostly in the New York City market. Former radio listeners who might wish to contact me can do so (link below). Thanks for your interest and if I can help in any way in the future, just let me know.

Marc Sommers (e-mail)



Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:20:30PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you....found this site and enjoyed it immensely. To hear the clips brought me back and made me simultaneously feel so much younger and so much older. Compiling this must have been a labor of love...if you were trying to bring pleasure to others, you have succeeded. Thanks again.

Steven Seligman (e-mail)



Saturday, September 2, 2000, 2:54:32AM

I got the link to your site from a friend back in Connecticut who sent it in an E-mail, and I just loved it, all of it.

The signature on this E-mail is Joey Gelinas, but I was Joey Vogel back then, one of your mystery newswomen. I, like many of them, worked the utility news shift, anchoring on Saturday and Sunday and pounding a beat during the week, turning in sound clips as fast as I could feed them down the phone line to Kathy Wyler and Ken Trimble. Kevin Brownell was another one of us utility newscasters.

Before I was at DRC I worked for WCNX Middletown, WMMW Meriden, WKND Hartford, and WPBS, the public radio station at Trinity College. Afterwards I was news director at WRTC in Rockville, then went to WTIC TV. I'm out of broadcasting now, living in Arizona and selling computers and computer components, sneaking up on retirement.

I was at DRC from November of 81 to October of 82. The voice you hear on the air check on your site is John Gary - we were JG and JV. John took over for Sebastian doing afternoon drive after Sebastian was fired the first time, and was still there when I left.

Nobody knows much about Suzannah Young, nobody saw much of her. She was basically alone in the studio from midnight until Brad Davis showed up in the morning - just her and Fred Sheaffer. That was the name assistant chief engineer Tom Ray gave to the AM automation carousel - Sheaffer was the name of the manufacturing company, and Fred, or rather F.R.E.D., stood for foolishly ridiculous electronic device, or funny, ridiculous electronic device, or something like that. She was still there when I left in October of 82. So was Fred.

Kathy Wyler, real name Kathy Sullivan, would know what happened to Phil Britten. I think he went to Boston for a while. Andy Bricker was a music jock at WCNX before he came to DRC.

Debbie Hanley also was in the news department full time prior to 1980. Ken Trimble was her news director. She left there to go to Waterbury.

After his one day stint at the DRC news department Tom Renard did the ski reports for the Connecticut Radio network, among other things, and under his real name, Renard Maiuri, was the news director of WPBS (now WPKT) public radio.

Thanks for your site, you've made my day.

Sincerely, Joey Vogel (Gelinas) (e-mail)



Saturday, August 19, 2000, 4:13:20PM





Wednesday, August 9, 2000, 8:05:02PM

ed......got your e mail....thank you! checked out your big D website. it's very comprehensive and accurate. you sure had a lot of personalities to track down. to update you on me.....I had my stroke in 96 which left me with speech impairment and loss of full use of my right hand (can't sign anymore autographs).

you had a ? after wcbs n.y......i was one of the first jocks on the nation's first live all-oldies stations: wcbs-fm, n.y.c. under p.d. john gehron who developed the first automated oldies operation in philly at wcau-fm before being tapped to lead the cbs outlet in n.y. you left out 1 station i worked at....the last one: wifi, philly.

if there's something else i could add to your site, just let me know. i'm curious......where did you get ahold of that cartoon mccartney drew of me?

i think there was one topic you left out, although i may have just missed it: ratings........ during my stay at wdrc during afternoon drive, we consistently scored 50 shares and dick robinson grabbed 55% of the available audience. in a market of 16 stations at the time was pretty good going. wpop never got close.

Long John Wade (e-mail)



Sunday, August 6, 2000, 3:09:36PM


FYI - After 5 months, I have resigned from my afternoon show on the "COOL OLDIES" station (BTW I managed to get them some good 25-54 female #s) because I have been given two weekend shifts at WSM-FM. A radio dream come true for me - I've always wanted to work there - I may end up doing some fill in on the AM too. Starting next weekend (8/12) I'll be on from 7pm-12am Saturday night and 1pm-6pm Sunday afternoon. Don't worry, I already have a big hat in the closet and some boots that don't smell. In case your interested, WSM-FM can now be heard in RealAudio from the www.wsmonline.com website link to a yahoo broadcast stream. Happy Big D birthday.

Dale (I've always been a redneck) Reeves (e-mail)



Wednesday, July 26, 2000, 4:29:04PM

If at one time or another in your illustrious radio career, you worked for WDRC Radio, we need you! "The Big D" is turning 40 on August 18th, and we'd like to hear a funny memory or a nice wish to send along to our listeners in your name!

In the next week or two, we'll be calling everyone who's interested in participating and record a :60 second "greeting" or memory for playback on the air within the week of our anniversary. If you'd like to be a part of it, simply send me an e-mail; include your air name while you were at 'DRC, your phone number and the best time, 9am-5pm, to contact you for recording.

We'll get those memories recorded and hopefully will bring a little more nostalgia back in the lives of our listeners! Thank you!

Grahame Winters, RMA
Promotions Director/Assistant to Program Director
WDRC-FM, Big D 103
869 Blue Hills Avenue
Bloomfield, CT 06002
tel (860) 243-1115 ext. 247
fax (860) 286-8257



Tuesday, July 25, 2000, 11:11:02PM

I was absolutely astounded to have a friend call me a few weeks back, and play an audio clip of a newscast I did at 'DRC many years ago! He e-mailed the URL, and I have spent hours checking the site and remembering many old friends whom I haven't seen or heard from in years.

Just as an update.... I left the satellite communications business a few years ago and now work in the Information Technology world as a network administrator in the Watertown Public School system. I also work as an instructor (A+ computer courses) at Tunxis Community Technical College in Farmington and at Millennium Institute of Computers in New Haven. Thanks to Dick for the teaching gigs as I cut my teeth in a classroom environment for seven years at CT School of Broadcasting in Stratford.

Great site... and thanks, for all the great memories....

Joe Sherwood (e-mail)



Monday, July 24, 2000, 7:05:42PM

I stumbled across your site today and I have to confess getting a wave of nostalgia for the radio station of my youth! I grew up listening to "Big D" and wondering one day if I might make to the "big time" at Big D. Working just up I-95 at WHYN in Springfield with Joe Connolly, I was green with envy when he made the move to Hartford. I bypassed Hartford, went on to Richmond, Atlanta, Washington DC and then in New York had the opportunity to work for a few weeks with then free-lancing Lon Landis! What a thrill!!! I met Walt Dibble in the 70's when he was at WTIC and he was kind enough to offer me a job --but I was in Washington DC at the time and could not take him up on the offer. So, while I never worked at Big D, my career brought me in contact with my three top radio news heros! Is there a finer news anchor in radio than Joe Connolly. He was the guy who taught me everything I know and I am in his debt. What a great radio station -- with some of the top newspeople in top 40 radio. It's a legacy to be cherished and your site does a fine job in remembering those wonderful days of "Earwitness News." What I would give to hear an aircheck of Connolly doing a Big D cast. "76 degrees in the capital city. I'm Joe Connolly W D R C EARRRR...WITNESS NEWS!" Man....those were the days! Count me in as one of the fellow broadcasters who fell in love with radio thanks to the work of the pros at WDRC!

Mike Kavanagh, WSB Atlanta (e-mail)



Sunday, July 16, 2000, 1:52:08PM

Hi Ed,

I don't know you, but you obviously know a lot about me! Judd Otis just emailed me about the site... wow, lots of work I'm sure, but lots of memories: Otis, The Prince, Dalaku, Russ, The Rabbett, Bob Craig, Barry Grant, Holland, Larrabee, Crow, Big Shirley and Little Shirley, Phil, Roger, Korsen, Mulls, the news team of Walt, Joe & Lon, and of course, the best of them all - Charlie Parker!

There was 'DRC-FM coming of age as an ass-kicker, the outrageous promotions and contests, the Big D Softies softball team I ran (and going 6 for 6 in one game - 3 hits each, right and left-handed) the Feed-A-Friend Food-A-Thon, being snowed-in at the station during the blizzard of '78, representing 'DRC (along with Wayne Mulligan, and then-WPOP's and now ESPN's Charlie Steiner) on the Media Softball team, regularly slipping out for an "early lunch" with Mulligan to play nine!... I can reveal it now that he's the GM, our "friendly" Saturday football games, driving by the civic center roof collapse on my way to work the morning after, flying with Mulligan in the plane he and Korsen shared, the morning Brad Davis came into my studio - panic stricken - because he heard voices over the music (he was playing Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is"), being there when Overson got Brad on tape saying "I am a disc jockey," the 20-mile walks for arthritis, Ed Mitchell and his stopwatch, The Russian Lady, riding shotgun in the front seat of the limo when Bill Stephens did his "interview by the dashboard lights" with Meatloaf and, for those of you who were there... "the toast" Charlie "received" at his 50th birthday party! I can still hear him laugh!!

Just to update you - and for the site if you so choose. As you know, I left 'DRC-FM (middays) the first time (August '76) to go to NBC in Washington (where I again worked with Dave Donovan, who was now using Joe Cipriano). It was tough, as Charlie was just going to return to work from his by-pass, and I was going to tell him I was leaving. So, I called him at home, broke the news, and he was nothing but encouraging. And, when the format changed in DC, and I was looking for an out - Charlie called to say that DRC's simulcast mornings were being split, and he wanted me to take the morning show on FM. I remember Korsen & Rick Buckley were down in Washington for the NAB, and invited me up to their suite, eventually "taking me to lunch" at a street-side hotdog stand! But I came back anyway, hence, that hideous publicity shot of me with the tan corduroy suit, open collar with the kiana shirt (well, it was 1977)! But, at least I've got those WDRC call letters in the photo!

Anyway, after a couple years, I left again, this time for San Francisco, and mornings at KYA-FM. Nothing like listening to the cable car bells from the studio! Following a short stint as fill-in at KOPA in Phoenix, I moved on to Miami, Birmingham, AL and then was finally hired by Bob DeCarlo at WUSA-FM (W-101) in Tampa. I started on afternoons in Jan, '87, but after 2 years moved to middays, where I followed the Bob & Judd's morning show. Blown out of W-101 after 7+ years, I eventually landed with then-Entercom owned U-92 for a couple months. With no openings on the horizon, Entercom offered me, and I accepted, the full-time Production Director position at their Gainesville, FL AC station. The next year, when they purchased another facility in town, I moved over there as the Program Director of their FM News/Talk opeation, which I built from the ground up. After a change in management there, I have moved on to Columbia, South Carolina, where I am currently the Program Director, and do mornings, on a "Lite AC" station...WLTY-FM, Lite 96.7.

Congrats on a great site... I love reading about where the guys I worked with are now, those who I didn't have the pleasure of working with and, sadly about those who have gone on to that rock-n-roll heaven: Charlie, Russ and Walt.

Mike Taylor (e-mail)



Sunday, July 16, 2000, 12:07:26AM

What a site, and what an honor to have been on the radio at Big D AM & FM, Charlie Parker and I became great friends during my years there and if it hadn't have been for that prick Korsen, I'd probably still be there.

The best part of getting fired was me pulling a "Joey Reynolds" and mooning Korsen during a snowstorm, Korsen never liked me anyway because I was the first jock that refused to wear a tie.

Mike Holland and Dave and myself would get on the phone and tease all the fat chicks at night, funny thing is Dave wasn't teasing, if I remember correctly he'd have screwed anything.

You need some tape of Ruby Vine and Choo-Choo, gotta have some Railroad Salvage and Bill Savitt Spots, we ran the same Savitt spot for my entire tenure at Big D. I once created trouble for Dickie Robinson when I made the statement on the air "See Savitt, you'll have it, miss a payment and he'll grab it."

I ended up in Houston at KULF and then in Tampa doing Otis In The Morning at WHBO, and then DeCarlo came to town with Jay Cook from WFIL and the Bob & Judd show lasted almost 14 years before we got blown out, I went to San Diego and did mornings with Scotty Brink, Brink & Otis in the Morning and then those pricks from Jacor fired us from the Eagle 94.1 when they bought it out. They paid out a three year contract and moved me back to Tampa. I'm doing some voice work for Diamond P Sports and am heavily involved in two e-commerce ventures and am part owner in DICKS PERKY PICKLES, "Big Roy the King of Funk" (Charlie's middle name) I once sold Charlie a car and I found out his middle name and when I was sure he hated it I used to refer to him as "BIG ROY" ran into his son Steve while in San Diego. God I miss it, some of the best years of my life.

I had a round of cancer twice, once in the kidney and another in the stomach got it under control, the next time when I sign off for good my wife has instructions to play Stairway to Heaven, if you didn't remember I did that every night and could almost make it home to Windsor Locks before it was over.

Thanks for the memories,

Judd Otis in the Nighttime in Tampa, Florida (e-mail)



Wednesday, July 12, 2000, 4:08:58PM

Dear Ed,

I recently had a reunion with Ron Landry whom I worked with in Hartford......He remarked about how he had wished he saved at least "something " from his radio career in the form of air-checks... Then he told me about your website..voila.

The website is tremendous! After reading your familys' association with WDRC I realized that your father and mine were at the station the same year. My father, Joseph Blume, was a violinist and supposedly played on the very first FM broadcast in this country. He later went on to WTIC where he had a coast to coast show arranging, playing and conducting for fifteen minutes every day. I believe it was on the old Blue Network...Charlie Parker and Bertha Porter both knew and worked at WDRC with my dad...Pretty amazing stuff... Thanks for the aircheck info....The bio was great also...you sure made this a labor of love and it shows.

After 84 I became a VO guy which I still am today....I voice Judge Judy amongst other things...


Jerry Bishop (e-mail)



Sunday, June 18, 2000, 2:21:04PM

Just dropping a quick line to say Thank You!!! What a fantastic trip down memory lane! I use to collect all the surveys from WDRC when I was growing up. In fact each Monday Morning I would run to the Newspaper Box to get the Hartford Courant because each Monday they would publish it. I used to have in my possession a Scrap book with Surveys from 1968 through 1976 but over the years it has sadly dissappeared. I really wish I had it now so that I could get it to you. Oh well- Life goes on! Thanks again- I'm sure I'll be checking in from time to time. Take care,

Tom Tantillo (e-mail)



Saturday, June 17, 2000, 11:24:52PM


What a great site! You've done a remarkable job of capturing the magic of Hartford's "Big D"! I grew up near Northampton, MA and listened to WSPR, WREB, WTXL, and WHYN in Springfield and WBZ in Boston. At some point in my teens I stumbled across 1360. It was not the strongest signal in the area and I drove friends and relatives crazy by forcing them to endure the clicks, buzzes, and hums of AM static just so I could listen to DRC.

I remember Sandy Beach's wedding in my hometown. I pedaled my bike to the church just so I could catch a glimpse of a famous DJ as the newlyweds departed. I think I played my COLOR ME OBG album so much I wore the vinyl off. Imagine my delight when I acquired an FM stereo receiver and found that with a little antenna adjustment I could listen to BIG D. Imagine my further delight when, a few years later, they went stereo!

I ended up jocking in NY (WWDJ and 99X) in the early 70's, but I always wished I could have worked at WDRC. Anytime I'm within 50 miles of Hartford I tune in and relive my youth.

There is a special place in my heart for WDRC and you're helping to keep it alive with this great website. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Doug Finck Gorham, Maine (e-mail)



Thursday, June 15, 2000, 9:16:54PM

Hi again, Ed!

Since e-mailing you for the first time a few months ago, I've heard from two 'DRC alumni: Dave Overson, who was the terrific Production Director at WDRC during many of the glory years and Ed Scarborough (Ed Mitchell), who I worked with at WCCC before we later wound up at Big D at separate times. The fraternity lives on 'til eternity!

I was reminded recently of a WDRC promotion that Charlie conjured up for Halloween, 1978, that really reflects the whacky brilliance he possessed. About a week before Halloween, he called me into his office and said, "I just got a wild idea for your show for Halloween. How'd you like to do your show from a casket?" If it were any other PD, you'd have to hear all of the details before saying "Yes" but with Charlie, you knew you were in for a real experience.

So, on Halloween night, I was made up to look like a corpse and placed in a real casket which was set out on display at the main entrance to the JC Penney store in the Westfarms Mall in West Hartford. A mic was rigged into the open side of the casket and there I lay, announcing my show in a real goofy voice and playing the usual Halloween tunes. The crowd was unbelievable.

Charlie, however, was never one to leave well enough alone so he wandered over to my casket and said, "I just had another wild idea. Let's raise some money for Unicef. We'll let any girl who donates $1.00 come over and kiss you." I was sure the idea was repulsive enough to prevent anyone from taking up the offer, so I said, "OK". I began saying "Toss a buck in the box for Unicef and kiss the corpse!" The response was extremely unexpected. The teenagers (and a few of their moms!) lined up with their dollars and for the next half hour, I was lip-locked like I had never experienced. I'm sure you get the picture.

Charlie had even found a way to work an interview with Meatloaf into this utter weirdness. Meatloaf had just released his "Bat Out of Hell" album and was playing the Hartford Civic Center that week. Charlie set up an interview for me to do with him in a chauffer-driven limousine cruising around the city after the casket caper and he called it "Interview By the Dashboard Light." It was later produced into a one-hour special that ran on Big D on the night of the concert as everyone was leaving the show.

Charlie was cool. Crazy....but cool.

Bill Stephens Motorsports Host/Reporter CBS Sports/ESPN (e-mail)



Friday, June 10, 2000, 6:39:50PM

Hey Ed:

I've been getting a lot of emails from former listeners. It's always a pleasure to hear from people who can remember that far back. Anyway most of them mentioned your website. After clicking my brains out I finally reached your AIRCHECK section and was I impressed! You have more on me than I do. The stuff I have, in dusty boxes, are so old the tape breaks like year old saltines.

One other thing, I was able to hear a spot from a Nov. 11, 1964 and your editing was flawless. That's exactly the way used to make auditions and it took me forever. Good job. That stuff really brings back a lot of memories. Looking across the glass at Wayne Mulligan and trying desperately to communicate with my eyes what wild rack I wanted and Wayne anxiously looking back, feverishly pointing to cartridge after cartridge in our rack of 'favorites'. Times have changed a lot in radio and I'm glad someone had sense enough to keep a few things from the past.

Ron Landry



Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 8:34:24PM


Had to write and say what a great job on the DRC site. I live in Cleveland now by way of Hamden, CT moving here about 10 years ago. Yesterday (Memorial Day) I spent hours listening to WABC rewound 2000 special on the net. While listening I began surfing and came across the DRC site.

Growing up in Hamden I too taped quite a few local AM stations (WAVZ, WDEE and WHNC) as well as some NYC stations. My dad worked at WELI as an engineer so we always had a few 7" reel to reel recorders around the house and Xmas '63 I got a small 3" reel recorder (I believe it was an Allied Radio recorder) to make recording. Back in the 60's my dad would bring home Cashbox magazines and I would order air check tapes. There were air check ads in the back of every issue as I recall.

With my dad working at an AM station (with earlier stints at WAVZ and WNHC (radio & TV in the 50's when he was starting out) I guess I developed a "thing" for AM radio because of him. As a kid of 11 or 12, I even started a log of all the stations I could picked up at night from across the country. I would log the call letters, frequency and date. In fact I still have some of those logs. But the tapes I made are unfortunately are not to be found.

I even had, and still do, this interest in transmitter towers, always wanting to know what station owns what xmtr tower I may pass. I often go out of my way to get closer to towers and try to determine who's tower it is - I've done that many times here in Cleveland.

Again, great job. Regards,

Tom Miller Cleveland, Ohio (e-mail) WA1GLS



Saturday, May 27, 2000, 7:48:00PM


It was about a week ago that you emailed me with the URL for the WDRC site. Holy crap! What a labor of love. And so much content! I have probably spent an hour already reading and listening. It's great! It's also implemented well. It's logically laid out and it is quite fast. But you don't want me to spend all night praising it, do you?

Thanks Again,

Charlie Krajewski (e-mail)

Ed's note: Gee, Charlie, if you insist....



Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 1:21:50PM

Hi...another Doolittle heard from! Thank you so much for all your efforts to preserve the history of WDRC.....it was wonderful to see. I am the youngest of the Doolittle's. It must also be interesting to see how the business has changed to keep up with the ever changing times of the past ten years or so. Most sincere thanks.

Betsy Doolittle Johnson from New Bedford, Ma. (e-mail)



Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 10:56:14PM


John Doolittle just turned me on to the WDRC OBG website, and it's great. I lived in Stamford CT until 1965, and listened to the station as much as I could with WNLK in Norwalk blasting away at it from 1350. I agree it was an unusually good station. I'll stay in touch & will continue to check out the website...

Gene Knight KyXy Radio San Diego (e-mail)



Monday, May 22, 2000, 10:20:38PM

I am John Doolittle, the only Son of Franklin M. Doolittle. I have two Sisters. It was ironical today to receive information today about your site (from my Sister Lydia who discovered it) because only yesterday I was reviewing many of the same historical information, papers, and articles you must have used to prepare the web site. With the death of our Mother in January, I took custody of various articles, papers,and photos that Mother had concerning Dad and WDRC and am trying to assemble it all to be able to share with others, exact format/method not yet determined. Dad lead a remarkable life of exceptional accomplishment and human decency. It was a joy to be his Son and I have many fond memories of visits to WDRC during the 40's and 50's. I see you are interested in QSL cards. Dad did extensive ham operations both CW , hamtoham contacts ,and about 2000 phone patches for afloat and overseas military people as call sign " K1RP "after he retired from WDRC in 1959. He initially became a ham operator as a very young man, and I think I have his original license but will have to check. It was one of the earliest issued.

Anyway, this is to introduce myself and say thank-you for your fine site and the historical information so superbly presented.

Sincerely, John Doolittle (e-mail)



Monday, May 22, 2000, 8:03:56PM

Dear Mr Brouder,

Thank you so very much for the WDRCOBG web site. It is wonderful to know that WDRC meant so much to you and your family. My father was Franklin M Doolittle, so you can imagine what the station meant to us. Mother died at 97 early this year. She would have been so pleased to have seen your web site, as I know my brother and sister will be. I haven't looked at everything yet, and I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I am overwhelmed with memories of the people, the history, the importance of so many things I took for granted because they were just a part of my childhood. Words can't express what I am feeling right now. I hope a heartfelt THANK YOU will suffice.

Sincerely, Lydia Doolittle Johnson (e-mail)



Friday, May 19, 2000, 10:19:56AM

Hi Ed:

Well I'm on the air here in Boston the other afternoon when my request line rings - on the phone is a gentleman listening to WBOS on line in Phoenix Arizona. He then proceeds to recite my resume to me, very scary in this business, and then informs me of your WDRC web site.

I finally check it out later that night at about 1am and it's no longer May 2000 it's more like May 1977 and I'm partying in the cemetery across from the Blue Hills Ave. studios at 3am with a couple of other jocks (who shall remain nameless) following a grueling 7-mid shift.

Having worked at the "Big D" at the ripe old age of 22 I can't tell you how many sweet and bittersweet memories it all brought back, and how fortunate I was to be part of something so special. Let me tell you how I ended up at DRC it's a strange story.

If you recall I was doing afternoons at WCCC, the asylum on Asylum Street, in the spring of 75. One day I go into work and the station is pitch charchol black - the place had caught fire during Stoneman's shift the night before. During this period WDRC was gracious enough to loan us "Mobile Studio D" while we broadcast from our transmitter site in Manchester. Since we were all over the news many people who normally didn't listen to CCC were tuned in-fortunately for me Charlie was one of them.

To sum it up I started at WCCC on Memorial day weekend in 75. I knew I wouldn't be there long, no one ever was then. I figured I would eventually end up at another Hartford station like WPOP or then 91Q never dreaming it would be DRC. It still remains one of the biggest thrills in my career the day I was getting out of the shower with the phone ringing and Charlie on the other end. I went for an interview and "audition" - you must remember Charlie's famous auditions - the next day and went on the air that night for "Otis in the Nighttime" on Big D 103. Having also done top 40 in smaller markets I eventually ended up with the back and forth (Utility) shift.

Following my time at DRC I went over to WTIC-FM in pretty much the same capacity, swing on-air and production. going through a divorce at the time, 1980, I decided it was time to go elsewhere and moved to WFLY in Albany for AM drive in November of 80 (the beginning of the Regan era). I eventually became Program Director of FLY and realized then just how much I had learned from guys like Charlie and Jay Clarke at TIC.

When I got the PD job I called Charlie, I believe he was retired then, and he was just great with advice, he told me three things that I will always remember. Always surround yourself with good people, they can make or break you - don't be afraid to share the credit with them - and always try to hear your radio station the way a listener would, not as a jock or Program Director, this was one of Charlie's great talents.

Following my time in Albany I realized my ultimate goal to work in my hometown here in Boston at WVBF, WSSH, WBOS (89-92) and at WROR and presently back at WBOS for afternoons.

Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Jack Lawrence WBOS-Boston (e-mail)



Monday, May 15, 2000, 11:23:28PM

Great site! I got a chance to work with some of these people and it's great to see them get this kind of attention. FYI Jack Lawrence is doing afternoons at WBOS in Boston.

Brett Rushon (e-mail)



Friday, May 5, 2000, 1:20:42AM


Joey is back in Hartford again. When Art Bell retired, WTIC 1080 has decided to give Joey a try with his show out of New York. During the week 1-5 A.M.

John Spencer-Northampton,MA (e-mail)



Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 1:12:34AM

Here is an update on Tom Renard. Currently, General Manager, KDRV-TV (ABC) and KDKF-TV in Medford and Klamath Falls, Oregon. Renard stopped using an air name many, many years ago. His real name is Renard Maiuri. (e-mail)



Thursday, April 27, 2000, 9:01:34PM

Fabulous chronology....

Joseph M. Bilotta
Executive Vice President
Buckley Radio (e-mail)



Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 9:09:52AM


it was a pleasure to meet you the other day and check out your wdrcobg site....wow you've really compiled a lot of material. here's an update of my background:

michigan state university graduate- b.a., telecommunications 1986 wrif/ detroit- research 1986 wksg[kiss-fm]/ detroit- weekends & fill-in 1986-87...where i worked with paul christy wkgw[magic-104]/ utica- middays & music director 1987-88 wsrs/ worcester- afternoon drive news & evening host 1988-1990 wods/ boston- weekends & fill-in march 1989- december 1990 wdrc-fm/ hartford- dec 31, 1990 evenings, moved to afternoons in the spring of 1991...then when frank holler arrived in 1992 bumped back to evenings...left shortly after holler's departure in july of 1996 to host mornings at wpkx[kix-97.9]...returned home to big d 103 january of 1997...full-time afternoons july of 1997 and have remained ever since.

**during my time as evening host i originated, wrote & produced a number of weekly magazine features aired m-f.... motown monday night....tuesday night salute....1-hit wonder wednesday...thursday's top 10 at 10 countdown. over the years i have written & compiled a couple of thousand pages of script. writing for broadcast my second love....and yes i still have all the complete tapes and scripts! i hope this updates your files....keep in touch!

doug taylor (e-mail)



Thursday, April 10, 2000, 11:02:08AM

Hi Ed,

Jeez brought back many memories.... and that promo... What a time. Also great to find Mc Donough again.

After WDRC I went to WGCL- FM in Cleveland, working with Lee "Baby" Sims for awhile..got sick of radio had long successful career in V/O in Cleveland, moved back to Boston. in '84 to do promos for WKKT under Bob Travis and have since resumed my V/O career and remained in Boston. Now own Waterside Productions in new custom built digital studio (w/ith ISDN, naturally) and do V/o's all over country. Lately started Talentserver.com soon the be THE place to find great talent 24/7 on-line.

Was deeply saddened to hear about Walt Dibble, he was a great guy and a fun "foil" for my little show. I never forget him and Pam Cross.

All the best,

Kris Kane (e-mail)



Monday, April 10, 2000, 1:11:44PM

Hi, I grew up in Springfield, Mass and listened to WDRC because I seemed to have a sense that they were so superior to WHYN. DRC's graduate list speaks for itself. I even remember listening to Dick Robinson at WSPR before he came to DRC. Looking back on all this the period 1962-1965 was a great classic period at DRC and I heard them all!! They excited me I went on to get my degree in Communications and ended up working in the business as a "first phone newsman".

Living in Springfield I remember the Polish program on WACE usually Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I think the guy's name was Andy that did the show. Any memories or tapes???

Jerry Fisher (e-mail)

Ed's note: Jerry is researching a book on Candian radio from the 50s-70s if anyone has info to contribute.



Sunday, April 9, 2000, 12:08:30AM

Hi Ed...enjoy your Big D site and info on all the names of jocks who passed through.

Jack Carney (e-mail)



Tuesday, April 4, 2000, 6:15:06PM

wow just like the wabc musicradio77.com site. geez i just relived my childhood. the surveys and history are way cool. the personalities section gives one an update on everyone. good job. now its on to the man from mars site. one thing put a few pictures of the am and fm towers in there as if wdrc didnt have towers we wouldnt have wdrc. like i said earlier when 750 main gave tours in 67. thanx.

dave lascko. elkton md.

ps excellent jingle offering



Monday, March 20, 2000, 11:03:42AM

Hi Ed...

You know, everytime I go back to your site...I uncover a new memory. What a great site.

I thought I'd take a moment and send you a career update.... After doing mornings on WHBC in Canton for over a year (#1 with a 16.1 both books), I resigned and returned home to Pittsburgh last week. I had been commuting every weekend. It was a great station... the people were fantastic...but we couldn't find a teaching job for Jean that was as good as the one she has now.

I also wanted to get back into my own business. I have an all digital studio, complete with ISDN and I'm now in the somewhat cluttered voice-over business. One of my first clients is WHBC in Canton...so you know I left on good terms. If you get a moment, you can check out my web site at www.harringtonproductions.com

Sometime...when I'm back in New England we should get together for lunch. And if you're ever in Pittsburgh, we can do the same here. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Your old friend,

Jim Harrington (e-mail)



Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 12:31:34AM

a comment on your site brought up a memory. "Stairway to heaven" wasnt that the last song before midnight played any idea for how many years? Ken Griffin played it and Otis did too. I would like to know cuz I am going to call Ron Sedaille one Sat and have it played b4 midnite...

Alec Wasserman (e-mail)

Ed's reply: He's got me on this one; anyone remember?



Tuesday, March 14, 2000, 5:32:56PM

To All:

Effective tomorrow, I will be the Operations Director for a four station cluster in Panama City, Florida. And, probably, at a not too much later date, I will be changing my e-mail since my web server does not have a local number there. But for now, that will remain the same.

However, my business address is: Waitt Radio, Inc. 118 Gwyn Drive Panama City Beach, FL 32408 Ph: 850-234-8858 Fax: 850-236-8071. When I get there, I'll also pick up a cell phone for your convenience. Life's adventure continues.

Bob DeCarlo (e-mail)



Monday, March 13, 2000, 5:51:56PM


Discovered your site while browsing through 'reelradio!' Congratulations, on a great job! 'The Big-D' will always remain one of my favorite gigs; and, I'm really sorry things didn't work out for me there last year! Here's an update for your files: Prior to 'DRC: KJLA/Kansas City; WAQX/Syracuse; WCCC/Hartford;
Since 'DRC: WGRX/Baltimore; WMZQ/Washington, DC
Currently: 7p-Mid at WSHE/Orlando, FL. Take care, and tell everyone at the 'Big-D' I said, hey!




Thursday, March 9, 2000, 11:21:36PM

I think your site is great...you really did your homework on it! I grew up in the sixties and remember many of these guys!

jr (e-mail)



Friday, March 3, 2000, 12:54:44AM

I was listening one morning to Beth Bradley and Marc Sommers when something happened. Some words exchanged, a little dead air, followed by a string of music. Then Marc was *poof*. Am I correct in this?

John (e-mail)



Monday, February 28, 2000, 2:25:26PM


Nice job on the WDRC pages! (still hate those guys, though!) Hey, I went to your Man From Mars site, for the first time. WOW! That is some collection!

Best, Ken Wolt (e-mail) (Ed's note: Ken was known as WPOP personality and PD, Danny Clayton, from 1967-70!)



Saturday, February 26, 2000, 11:32:28PM

TM's "Where Your Friends Are" , which included Elvis' drummer was one of the most dynamic packages ever featured on "Big D".....any chance you could include all cuts?

Rob Jacobson WTOC/WROD/KLAW/WATR (e-mail)

Ed's reply: I've mostly been concerned with getting audio bites of personalities throughout the site. Perhaps more jingles can be added later. Visitors--what do you think?



Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:15:58AM

Hi Ed,

Hey! You fixed the links on the page of the images so that Macintosh Netscape people can actually see them! COOL! Thanks so much for going to all the trouble to get that stuff up there. I hope Walt Pinto and others have had a chance to see some of those shots. We're all old guys at this point, so those handsome ole days of yesteryore are often quite flattering... no matter how bad the picture might have originally seemed.

Thanks a bunch!

Lance Drake (Scotty Morgan) (e-mail)



Monday, February 21, 2000, 8:17:18PM


Because of your site, I've heard from Steven Capen and Bob Walker...two friends that I lost touch with. Both were people that I wanted to find. Thanks. A great effort.

Walt Pinto (Kent Clark) (e-mail)



Sunday, February 20, 2000, 11:25:54PM


That is one great web page! I've been going through the DJ bio's and have lost all track of time. Fantastic job. I think I may have corresponded with you a few years back about Lee "Baby" Simms. Although I grew up next door to New Haven (Hamden, CT) there was NO DOUBT that the good radio was from Hartford (WDRC and WPOP). Remember The Wildweeds? Keep up the good work,

Craig Carlson, Groveland, MA (e-mail)



Sunday, February 20, 2000, 11:01:14PM

Hi Ed,

I just visited your WDRC website. "FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!" It is so neat---brought back ALOT of memories, and is very informative. Ha---all these years, I thought the DRC stood for Dick Robinson. I have now been enlightened thanks to you! I never realized WDRC went as far back as it did. I remember alot of the names, programs, etc., now that I've seen them again (Swinging 60 Survey!!) I love it!! I wish I had sound capabilities on this computer, but I don't. I'm just grateful to have what I've got here. Anyhow, thanks for the memories!!! Very Best Regards,

Jim Willard (e-mail)

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