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On June 25, 2005, WPOP Alumni Lee Gordon & Judge Harrigan organized a Reunion to mark the 30th anniversary of the "Day the Music Died," the end of rock 'n roll at WPOP. Enjoy reading some of the press surrounding WPOP's surrender in Hartford's music wars. The Billboard piece is intact (below left); click on the others to see the full articles.

Ed Brouder, webmaster

Billboard - June 28, 1975
Billboard Magazine - June 28, 1975
Billboard Magazine - June 28, 1975

Billboard Magazine - June 28, 1975

Click to read more articles about WPOP's switch from Top 40 music to all-news:

The Hartford Courant - June 4, 1975

New Britain Herald - June 5, 1975

The Valley Advocate - June 12, 1975

Billboard magazine - June 28, 1975

The Hartford Courant - June 29, 1975

Variety magazine - July 2, 1975

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The Hartford Courant - June 29, 1975
Hartford Courant - June 29, 1975
The Valley Advocate - June 12, 1975
Hartford Advocate - June 12, 1975
2008 WPOP Reunion logo


You missed it! More than 50 people turned out for the WPOP/HartfordRadio Reunion on Saturday, August 16, 2008 at the Pumphouse Gallery. Click here to see some photos. Here's what some of the attendees said:

"Lee and Ed:

Thank you for getting my name on to the mailing list for the WPOP reunion. It was a most satisfying, gratifying couple of hours with some old cohorts, and meeting some new ones. Del Raycee flattered me by saying the reason he came was because he saw my name on the list of attendees, Bill Hennesey has the most extraordinary memory of things past, and several people I did not know were amazing in their summary of my radio activities.

I have been active with the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut (in Windsor) as a volunteer PR person, and an active participant/founder of the Radio Workshop Players, a group of actors and amateurs who perform old radio dramas, and have written or adapted radio plays and meet in the studio of the Museum. The Studio and control room are vintage 40's and 50's and are making use of vintage (and not so vintage) equipment. The Museum is in dire need of money, and donated equipment for the studio. Its general collection is outstanding and worth a visit.

I'd like to promote the museum, get some volunteers for the Radio Workshop Players, and interest them in supporting the place. I think radio people might appreciate the contact as well.

Thanks again for putting the reunion together. It was a very good idea and I am glad to have been included."

Jack (Brooks) Broitman (Jack died on August 29, 2010)

"You should have been there....

From memory: Glenn Yaffa was there (met him briefly); so was Joann Nesti (shorter and cuter than I expected her to be, also very nice) and sports guy Joe DeAmbrosio. Sunny Shores was there from Philadelphia; he reminded me a bit of a cross between Clark Smidt and a guy I know here in NJ who does VOs physically at least. Gary Girard was there with his wife. I spent a lot of time with Frank Holler (his WDRC "equivalent" and former best friend Joe Hager died a few years back); great guy.

Lee Gordon (another great guy and the event organizer), Brother Jack Carney (still youthful in a Robert Redford way, and still bright and funny as well) and Judge Harrigan (Hal Whitney), who I always regarded as a super talent (he is at Travelers and was at Aetna as a data processing guru after leaving radio). Dave Overson (ex WDRC Prod Dir., now 28+ years at ESPN) was there. He worked on Steve Parker's show (Steve was also there). Dave recorded my audition at WDRC, and remains a great guy.

I also spent a bunch of time with John Ramsey, who has been a contract or staff Chief Engineer fore a dozen Hartford-area stations as well as GM of 'UH, as well as Brandon Kampe, our station "biographer," whose enthusiasm for Hartford radio history was infectious. A highlight was meeting Ed Brouder, "the Man from Mars" who founded the WDRC and WPOP web sites which are "action central" for the stations - I and others think the WDRC pages are among the top radio "memorial" websites on the net, up there with CHUM in Toronto and Music Radio 77 for WABC. Ed, historian that he is, helped with names, dates, places, people and a wider understanding (for me) of how and where everything fit. He also produced a 20-minute CD, incorporating airchecks, etc.

I also met Tracy Carman, who runs the Media Preservation Foundation that is a library/vault of radio jingles from their advent to the present, housed in a warehouse in Springfield, MA. Finally, for this recounting, one of the most interesting people attending was Al Cohen, who had been on the station when it was WONS and also was on WTHT (owned by the Hartford Times, whose old building is now a standing shell waiting to front yet another stalled redevelopment project downtown). Al must be 90, but clear and sharp, and a walking history of Hartford radio - because he lived it from back before most of us were born. There were many more folks I have omitted by accident - I wasn't taking notes.

I was also warmly welcomed as a colleague representing WHCN in its great years, which were warmly acknowledged by all who I spoke with. We really did have respect in the broadcasting community, at least from these folks, for getting ou there and really doing what we knew. What was really fascinating was the difference between the personalitis of the Top 40 jock and progressive jocks of the era; it was as though we were in different chapters of the same fraternity, but it was inded the same fraternity: broadcasting. As Frank Holler said (I paraphrase), it was amazing that so many of us, as older teens and 20-sonethings, were able to get on the radio and into people's lives and at the same time make (enough of a) living and live our dreams. It was a great life."

Country Paul Payton (e-mail)

"I got on the reunion website and logged on to Jack Brook's e-mail address and we've been talking (e-mail) several times today. I worked with him for a short time in '64. He didn't remember me but we had a good reunion today. So your 'POP reunion lives on."

Jerry Gordon (e-mail)

"Hi Ed:

Hope I can borrow this forum to thank Lee Gordon, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping the WPOP alumni together, and for this wonderful 2008 reunion. It was heartwarming. I got to reconnect with old friends, make some new ones, and share memories with the best in the biz. There was a whole lot of talent at the Pumphouse Gallery, and I bow to those who blazed the trail before we all-news punks came along."

Jackie Quinn (WPOP 1986-1990) (e-mail)

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